Not just another SLOW thread

Hi, I have several domains/websites which are all phpBB forum based.

I have been working on them for months (4-6) now and noticed for the past 3-4 weeks they have gotten very slow. I takes about 4-5 minutes before anything happens. The sites just keep waiting and waiting (white clean browser screen) and then “kaboom” all is loaded in 1-2 seconds or less.

I have been in contact with support, (thanks ladies/guys, you where great as always), but it falls beyond their support “rules/possibilities”, which is very understandable.

Support sent me some logs info and a bunch of links to check things out.

I comes down to that the websites, although under construction, have very high load and activity, which was causing memory issues.

[color=#FF4500]YES, hundreds of SPAMMERS[/color] had found the forums and signed up. The forums where set to NO Posting Allowed, even for registered users, so I never got any spam posts, although I did notice some did abuse the signature options in the UCP.

My guess is that because the forums where hit by hundreds of SPAMMERS, they where trying to constantly auto-post, which did not succeed. That is why the forums overloaded or maybe you girls and guys have other idea’s.
This is an activity log support sent me for one day:

6098 ./logs/
6130 ./logs/
9334 ./logs/
10353 ./logs/
12235 ./logs/
15134 ./logs/
16492 ./logs/

No idea if that is high or not, but I guess it was.

No need to check the domains now, since I cleared/deleted, them all of files and database, (and I changed the domainnames also in the log).

The “fun part” of the above was that the ONLY website that did NOT give any slow problems, was and is the most active website.
[color=#0000CD]That confuses me.[/color]
So that might be my QUESTION number 1, to the more experienced people here. is the only one that now is still online, since it is my TEST domain, where I setup everything and them when finished, copy all over to the other domains. (That is why deleting them was/is no issue for me)

Now that they are deleted, I hope that the auto-SPAMMERS will retrieve and when later I put them back up to go live officially, they will no longer be a problem.
This I hope is, because registrations will be closed for all, and I will only be manually adding members/users who can post.
No problem, because the setup is that only approved people can post ONLY in their own thread. The why is not important, it had been the setup from the start.

Now a real question:
The websites are 80% country (Thailand) bound, besides from maybe 20-30% visitors from USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, well the “first world countries” (yes, I hate the term, but need to call it something)

Most “aggressive” SPAMMERS come from China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Africa, most of us know.
I have no problem denying them access to the domains by IP, which I think can be done with the .htaccess

So, how do I do that and how do I get the (range) of IP’s to block out countries, well known for SPAMMING?
Is there an up to date list online somewhere, that is regular updated?
Is there another (better) way to block countries?

I think with both no registrations to the forums and SPAM-countries blocked, it will solve the problem of slow [color=#FF0000]OR NOT[/color]?


After doing some research I came across these 2 possiblilities:

1.) IP block by .htaccess


A small additional php code, which looks in a folder in the root, that has php files with country IP’s and is UPDATED monthly and can be freely downloaded.

I think number 2 might be a good idea. Have not tried it yet, awaiting judgment here.

Should the code only be placed in the root php files, like: index.php, viewforum.php and viewtopic.php ?
I don’t think there is a need to place it in any other files.

What do the anti-spam experts here think about this?


I have tested option 2, but gives an error. it is about this line:
the error show:

Warning: include(ip_files/.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …

Which suggests to me that the php code “.$numbers[0].” does not works to view the different 259 files in that folder. I tested it by doing include(“ip_files/10.php”); and the error was gone.

Any replacement code for that, since the script is from 2009?