Not having a good experience so far

Signed up with a promo, set up account…Pending…

Went in, looked around, looked like I had to set up a payment plan to get the account going, now I have an extra bill of $214 for an account I don’t want! Even worse, to cancel the second account (that I never wanted to begin with) I have to spend $9.00 and change!

To be clear, I want to keep the original account. I just want to dump the second one that was accidentally set up due to the instruction on your site stating “You must add a plan to “open” it.”

There’s no phone number and I’ve yet to receive any response on my ticket.

Sorry, trying not to spaz out here. It’s just that there seems to be little way to directly contact support and I’m afraid of being on the hook for this extra cash. We’re doing this for a non-profit, so it’s all volunteer work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Managed to get a response on the facebook page telling me to use the live chat feature. Been checking for a few hours now, still no live chat. Am I missing something?

The chat icon appears in the panel to the right of the page header on any page. Specifically the top element in the page is the search bar, just beneath that is the title of the page selected and to the right of that word(s) is the chat icon. If it doesn’t appear, then I suspect its disabled because your in pending status.

I’m sure they will get you fixed up, the billing folks may need to be involved tho, and they are only in during normal business hours (GMT-8).

BTW, if you have proper documentation for the non profit organization and submit it the basic hosting account is free.

Honestly I’m done. I feel like I’ve been taken in. The site advertised 24/7, I’ve been sitting by the computer for over 5 hours only to be told that their accounts department are NOT 24/7 and then that I’d have to pay to talk to someone. Now I can’t even get an answer on how to get a bloody refund. There is no chat icon on my screen, never was. I’m about five minutes away from calling VISA to tell them to deny any payment to these people. Not a good way to start a relationship.

Honestly I don’t think you need to worry about calling Visa. They will refund you or cancel the charges, if that’s what you want, but it won’t happen til tomorrow.

For what it’s worth, somewhere in the sign up process, something raised a flag that sent you to manual approval. It told you at that time you would here from someone within 24 hours.

They do have support 24/7 and you can chat with them from the panel, once your account is approved. Technical Support doesn’t do everything tho, and one of the things they don’t do is manual account approvals, that’s a dept that’s not open 24/7.

Over 12 hours later and still nothing done. 24/7 is an outright lie and these people should be held to account for false advertising.

Your expectations are out of whack. Sorry to be blunt.

Or perhaps your fearful of being caught at fraud. After all your account didn’t make it thru automated approval, something you entered caused the account you were creating to be flagged for manual approval. It wasn’t a random choice to make you wait.

Almost the same 12 hours ago, right above in this thread, I explained to you that nothing would happen at dreamhost until today. And “today” is just now getting underway in the dreamhost business offices.

And once again… there is technical support staff available 24/7 that can handle a TECH issue. Personally I’m quite happy that the access to the sensitive billing information is limited to the few who need to work with it, and not available to the entire support staff. The larger the pool of users with access, the greater chance of theft, fraud and inappropriate use of sensitive information.


I sometimes wonder if people don’t realize that the Dreamhost business offices are on the west coast of the United States. I’m already at lunch as they’re just opening up.

I suspect it’s more that people assume 24/7 support means 24/7 everything support. I’m pretty sure the billing crew (whom I sit near) would revolt if we made them work 3rd shift.

That being said, we do at least have the approvals team working weekends now. So it’s only a matter of time. :slight_smile:

THAT explains why they’re grumpy…

In cases where a client has to wait more than 24 hours for their registration attempt to succeed or fail, has their credit card already been charged?

If not, and if the message says something like “Your registration is pending and your card has not yet been charged”, then that would be reasonable I think.

But for Dreamhost to charge the credit card and THEN put the request into a queue that can take more than 24 hours seems wrong.

+1 :slight_smile:

That wasn’t the case in this thread. He got sent to the manual approval queue early on a weeknight. Which means he won’t hear back until business hours. Unfortunately he got bad advice from support via the dreamhost facebook page which fueled his rage. They told him to use live chat which he had no access to because his account was in pending, and when he requested they call him they correctly told him you had to buy the package of callbacks.

Since an account CAN get auto approved the reaction here may have been legitimate frustration or it may have been something else entirely =]