Not Getting Email

Two people have called me this morning to say that emails to me have bounced back to them, and I’m not receiving any emails. I’ve submitted a support ticket to DH and not gotten any response, I’ve checked the DH status pages and there is no problem being reported. Is anyone else having a problem receiving email today???

we’ve had a client try to send us an email with the exact same results, their emails sent to us were bounced back to them saying access denied. I haven’t contacted support yet because I’m waiting for the client to fax over the delivery report and email headers.

If you find anything out please post it here. Thank you.

seems they are having issues. in north carolnia. our clients are complaining as well. filed trouble ticket. problem seems to be that the dreamhost mail is sick. I would imagine they are scrambling to fix.

same here. bounced messages. DH has marked my report verified. I have other users on my account (seperate domains) not reporting the same problems. Not sure if it is localized to certain domains or what. might be that I have the spam filtering on my domain and the others don’t.

it’s possible that this has to do with the spam filter…

i just tried sending myself an email from a nondreamhost account and it was bounced as well:

Recipient address:
Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
Diagnostic code: smtp;554 5.7.1 Relay access denied
Remote system: dns; (TCP||40755||25) ( ESMTP)


if they are scrambling to fix it (which i hope they are) then they need to update ASAP (which they haven’t done) to let us know why they are bouncing emails back to the sender.

This is part of my frustration - no information on the status page. Also, I have checked my spam filters, none of which have changed from yesterday, and they seem in order. I’m not getting emails from anyone in any of my mailboxes. Hopefully one of will us hear something soon.

Same here. Emergency ticket opened. no response. No status update on status page. Nothing but the chirping of crickets.


Are any of you on Randy? Hint: check under billing > manage account. That’s where I am, and I’ve had this problem since at least 6:30 AM EST.

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Uh oh, I just got an email! Now, granted, it was from this here forum, but it’s one more email than I’ve gotten in the last 4-5 hours.

I used to have a website here. For reasons, I no longer do.

This just in, Spam Filter Email Issues This Morning

I used to have a website here. For reasons, I no longer do.

DH Status just updated. If you disable the junk filter (for now), it will fix it.


Thanks Frank!
I’m trying that now - fingers crossed.
(another client just called me that they can’t get email through!)

I disabled the spam filter and I’m still not receiving email.

I’m getting complaints from discussion list subscribers (hotmail and earthlink). The earthlink subscriber is getting mail at a secondary address from the same list. Wonder if Dreamhost has appeared on a new blacklist somewhere…