Not getting email

So I have changed over the DNS to point to the DH servers, and I aded the domain in my web panel, and I created the email accounts. I used the same email addys and passwords as I had on my previous hosting company… but I am not getting any email at all since being on DH for the last almost 48 hours. Any suggestions?

Time might fix the problem. It takes time for new settings (dns) to “take,” or to propagate all over the internet.


And it can take even longer for the DH system to activate new addresses - up to three and a half days.

Its still not working right and its very annoying. DH told me it would take up to 3 days for a domain to “fully propagate”, yet its been over 3 days now and things arent working right. Things like we can only send email to domains on DH servers, yet we can get email form some off DH servers, but not all. We cant send to AOL servers at all. Its annoying. I now understand why DH offers the 97 day guarentee, cause it just may take that long to get things working right.

[quote]I now understand why DH offers the 97 day guarentee,
cause it just may take that long to get things working right.


I’d be much happier if it took only 97 days. I’ve got problems outstanding from the day I signed up, over a year ago. I wish DH would make fixing the existing problems a higher prority than adding new features and users.

Well, that wont work with me. Plain and simple! I will call it quits with DH before I let this go too much longer.

I am currently working with a client in houston who created an email address, has all of the correct settings, (I even tried to log onto the email account too.) and it just isn’t working.

can’t even use (but can log into the password changer at and it lets me log in…I wonder if it is some sort of a glitch in the mailbox username m000000 getting hosed.

I guess it’s time for me to add to the DH support Q

PS, it’s on the mail server zippy

Without knowing how long it has been since your client generated the email box/address, support might not be worth much to you…I’ve been with DH for years, and have been generally very happy, but I now dread adding email addresses…I have had it take days to “activate” a new email address for and existing domain with no DNS propagation issues.

I have no idea why DH seems to have such a problem with this, but experience proves that, at least lately, they do!


Well, I think the magical email fairy was in my web admin panel last night…cause everything is working now.