Not getting email notices for blog comments


A few days ago all e-mail notifications of blog comments stopped. I have no idea why and what the problem is. I have done nothing different this week than all the prior years of blogging.

I am using Wordpress.

I have no idea where to start to get answers or solutions. Any advice?


My best guess is it will solve by itself.
I had the same problem with Files Forever. It just stopped sending emails after someone made a purchase.
Tickets still unresolved (answered but waiting from tecks)
3 days ago emails started coming again.

Sometimes just go in to the wp admin and re-save the settings, might help.


First check to make sure you are the author on the post where the comments are getting added.
Check the Settings > Discussion page to make sure email notifications are turned on.
Check the spam/junk folder in your email program to make sure the messages weren’t filed there by mistake.