Not able to register domains?


I am trying to sign up with DreamPress to move our website from 123-reg to here.

It is not letting me sign up with the domain


Tweeted the twitter support team however they do not start until 1pm my time.


It appears you’ll have to register elsewhere.

It’s not listed on dreamhost’s pricelist
Which means they don’t have a reseller agreement. I don’t think has a local presence requirement, but it may have restrictions.

The good news is registration and hosting are two different things. You can register the domain elsewhere and host it at dreamhost. The simple way to achieve that is to set the domains name servers to,, Those setting are made at the registrar’s website after you register the name.

As you can see from the picture Luke, I have this domain elsewhere and want to point it to DreamHost however it doesn’t let me…

Making me want to look elsewhere, having no number for support is making response times hard.

Currently looking into A2Hosting although the prices are more expensive and I am having trouble persuading my department to expand the budget for the website.

You’re wording is inaccurate, as a result your asking something different in your initial post.

Skip adding anything at that step of the new account registration process. I suspect the problem is is a sub level tld. can be correctly added to your account once you reach the control panel. I added a test entry with garbage letters to my account to verify that.