Not able to log onto Wordpress for the first time



I just purchased a website name and hosting from DreamHost yesterday and I am not able to access my Wordpress account. I received the “Success installing WordPress on your site!” email and when I click on the link to log onto Wordpress for the first time (and reset Password), I get a “This site can’t be reached” error (see attached). I have tried logging on from a number of different devices/networks. Thanks in advance.


Try using manual url through your browser, http://www.[yourdomainnamehere].com/wp-login.php . Also sometimes if you are using a one-click software in your hosting there’s a chance the email you get is for older WordPress settings (sometimes the developer forgot to update it, so it is causing you an error) :grinning:


The “This site can’t be reached” error is usually because DNS hasn’t propagated. It can take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate. Try again after a while.

Also, if you had given your website address, we could have checked to see if we are getting the same message, or if there is something in your setup.


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