Not able to log in

I was trying to move my wordpress site from one domain name to another, so I updated the url in the right place on wordpress.

Problem is, this new address doesn’t work, so I’ve got no way of logging back in again to change it back again! everytime I use the log in window it forwards to the domain that isn’t working.

any ideas how I log in?



Sorry to heat you’re not able to get into your WordPress site!
I see you’ve already submitted a ticket to our tech support.
I’ll see if I can get someone to investigate this asap.
Thank you for your patience! Sit tight!

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

thanks for your reply - is there anyone I can talk to right now? I’m happy to pay for a service like that, just need to get to the bottom of the issue.


I see you got this fixed.

Just so you know, you can fix this in your wp-config file: