Not able to download mail properly

I am not able to download the emails properly for the email id’s i ahev created using Google Apps

I have configured the emails via Gmail(Google App’s).

The issue is that if an email from the above email id’s is downloaded at one computer/outlook, then the same email is not downloaded at other computer/outlook.

In the google mail, the settings are made is an order that the email will be there for 5 days and then only it will be deleted.

Can you help on this? Am i missing something?



When you download via POP the server marks files that you’ve already downloaded so that they’re only sent one time. You can manually reset this in the preferences section each time you want to download mail onto another PC, or choose to use the imap method instead.

imap will give you the result you desire (ie. the ability to have email synced on multiple systems).

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