Norton IS 2004 - Something to be aware of

Just this morning I discovered an interesting bug that drove me crazy for hours, so since I’ve found so many usefull tips in this forum, I figured I’d pass it along for any of you who have never run across this. (If everyone already knew this & its just me behind the times, sorry)

Now, please note, this doesn’t have a thing to do with Dreamhost, its just coding in general. Anyway, I was working this morning on a different computer than usual & noticed when previewing a certain page of a site that some of the images were not showing up. Other images were there, so this was really strange. Looking at the browser’s source code, the image tags were simply not there, even though I could look at my raw code & they were just fine.

So, to gloss over several hours of hair pulling, I finally discovered the problem. The images in question all had height & width tags of 125 & 125. The computer I’m on today has Norton Internet Security 2004 running & it by default has its AdBlocking feature turned on. It seems that the program is kind of arbitrary in what it decides are Ads, any images of certain dimensions are automatically filtered out, 125x125 just happens to be one of those sizes. 126x126 & the images show up just fine.

Anyway, This was a new one to me. I’ve put together several websites over the years & this is the first time I’ve ever run across this. I knew you have to test for various different browsers, but it seems the list of things to test with just got a bit longer.

how AWFUL.

Computer Associates :slight_smile: