Noobie needs help

Below is the e-mail that I’ve received today.
What’s needed from me?
I am able to access the DH panel.
But my website “” isn’t visible. Is it too soon?

(We’re happy to report that your domain registration for
has successfully been transfered to DreamHost! From now on you
can manage your domain registration at

You can also set up web hosting, email, and many other services
from our web panel at

Welcome to DreamHost!
The Happy DreamHost Domain Registration Transfer Team)

It takes some time for your domain name to propagate across the web. It may take up to 24 hours. Though I have seen it take less.
If it has been more than 24 hours double check where you placed your file via ftp. when you first log on you should see a folder with the same domain name this is your public folder. Anything inside that folder is visible via the web browser.
If your files are in the right location and it has been more than 24 hours then you can access your web panel and put in a support ticket and DH can look into it for you.
Good luck.

My website

Have you actually set up hosting for that domain here? Just registering it isn’t enough. I’m getting the updated WHOIS info that shows it’s using DreamHost’s registry and name servers, but it doesn’t appear that you’ve set up hosting here.

Do you have one of their hosting plans? They’re the ones that run about $10/month (not the $9/yr registration).


If you’ve just signed up for hosting click [color=#00CC00]Domains > Manage Domains[/color] in your panel.

If [color=#CC0000][/color] doesn’t appear in the list you can then [color=#0000CC]Add New Domain[/color] and fill out the [color=#0000CC]Fully Hosted[/color] section.

Make sure to create a new user during the above process.

Welcome to Dreamhost! :wink:

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OK. I’ve waited a day or two, my registered website is still not visible.

Domains Registered
(1 registered, 0 free on this account)

Register A New DomainDomain Standard Cost Expires Renew? Actions $9.95/year 2010-08-20 15:45:24 ask Edit

My account is paid.
My website is hosted at “Tripod”.
What’s left for me to do? What have I missed?

Ah! It’s hosted at Tripod. Not so easy. Here’s something I found:

You’ll need to find a DNS service that will let your domain redirect to Tripod. Start Googling for “DNS service” and you’ll see a free one near the top of the list.


Edit: Posted too late!

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