Noob: script permissions issue with capistrano


I do my development on a Windows laptop (I know, I know…). I am struggling to get a capistrano deployment system going for the first time. I have followed the instructions in the support wiki “Capistrano” topic to create my config/deploy.rb file.

When I run “cap deploy” from my dev machine, it seems to do fine until it wants to run the script located at:

/home/#{user}/ at which point capistrano encounters a “permission denied” error and exits. When I log on to the shell and look at the permissions on that file, I see that sure enough, the execute bit is not set.

Now, logging on to the console and typing “chmod +x*” is not the problem. I could do that.

My question is: what do I do so this problem doesn’t crop up EVERY time I deploy? Because next time, it will get those same scripts from the SVN repository and they still won’t have +x on them.

Anybody else encountered this?