Noob question here

Hello, just started and got a stupid question.

I made an index.html file and put it in my domain directory, it just says:


and that is exactly what I’m seeing, the html isn’t being interpreted, just displayed. What else do I need to add? Tried looking in the wiki, wasn’t sure. Thanks a lot and sorry about the newbie question.

That should work. How did you make the file? It should be plain text.


Well this is defintely strange if your a noob.

On the DreamHost web servers, the filename extension is used to determine what “type” to tell the browser so that the brower has an idea what to do with the content.

By default the type for “.html” files is text/html. It sounds as if the web server for your site thinks it should be text/plain.

There are a couple of places that influence what type the web server tells the browser. Obviously there is a master configuration file (ie server configuration) but I doubt the problem is there. You can place .htaccess files (“per-directory configuration”) in your web directory that changes the types - so I would check to see if you have any of those. And last there could be a handler program involved somehow but I doubt that as well.

Try going to the DreamHost Web Panel and chose “Manage Domains” to “Edit” the domain and submit the form - it will update the server configuration.

Also, go to and submit your URI - look in the “HTTP Response Header” section for the Content-Type value. Does it say text/plain or text/html there?

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Web-sniffer says it is text/html.

I just made a quick file in TextEdit (Mac’s notepad), and saved it as index.html. I’ll go to the webpanel now and try the other suggestions.

Thanks for the replies, I had no idea what was wrong, thought that should work just fine.

edit: ok I did the edit thing in the manage domains, and I checked for .htaccess files and have none of those. No change yet, but it said it could take 5-10 minutes.

[quote]Web-sniffer says it is text/html.

edit: ok I did the edit thing in the manage domains, and I checked for .htaccess files and have none of those. No change yet, but it said it could take 5-10 minutes.[/quote]
If Web-sniffer says text/html, then we can rule out a problem at DreamHost. Either a program on your Mac doesn’t want to interpret the HTML, or somehow the file has HTML code that shows HTML code. I mean the file could contain this:


[/code]Which would be unlikely but possible.

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no the file just contains those 3 lines. I’m going to boot up my windows right now and see if it’s the same. I even tried creating a new directory /test/test.html and I was getting the same problem.

well, that is weird. I created a file with notepad and uploaded it and it worked just fine.

What could TextEdit be doing to the file that would not allow the html to be interpreted?

Thanks for the help though.

Well I just checked the Wikipedia entry for TextEdit and it says it reads/writes HTML and plain text. So it seems like it is possible that TextEdit is saving your file as “HTML” instead of plain text.
Can you post a link or send a link to me by private message?

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TextEdit by default saves RTF. Saving as HTML probably adds a bunch of extra tags. Bottom line is that TextEdit isn’t a good plaintext editor.

TextWrangler is a great (free) plain text editor: