Noob needs helping setting up FTP

EDIT: Put this question on hold for a sec, I think I might’ve figured it out.

I’ve never really used FTP before, so I have no idea. FileZilla keeps giving me “Connection timed out, could not connect to server” errors, so I’m suspecting my setup isn’t right. I also tried WebFTP and it also tells me it can’t connect.

I’ve setup a subdomain from an outside registrar (GoDaddy) and I added the subdomain to DreamHost’s Domains Hosted section (fully hosted). Now I don’t know if there’s anything else I need to do to make this work. I’ve already waited for a day for changes to take place. Not sure if this affects anything, but my second-level domain isn’t on DreamHost yet since I don’t want to close my old site until I can get it working on DreamHost.

Even if you’ve got it figured it out, use SFTP to connect :wink:

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Ok I got past the initial problem; I can now log on to my FTP account and upload things. But I still can’t get anything onto the domain. Basically I took the IP I found in the DNS settings on DreamHost and put them in my domain registrar’s settings.

Here’s some screenshots. Also I don’t know whether or not I should blur out the IP addresses, so I did anyway.

Nevermind again. Sorry I keep changing my mind, but I post on the forums and then get impatient and go for live help, which helps. For future reference, I had to change the settings to Remove WWW since the default redirected to which doesn’t make sense. Thanks DreamHost’s helpful live help.