Noob has a newb question?

First, I have to admit that I’m the biggest noob here. I have no tech background, so having an account with DH and trying to one-click wordpress is a monumental thing …

My question:

I’m sort of stuck (well … paralyzed with fear) about choosing whether to go the easy or advanced mode route, when it comes time to uploading the wordpress software.

Projecting down the future, I would like to have advertisements, and freedom over the skin, including any relevant interactive features (polls, etc).

Will I be able to go back into the programming (more like hiring a developer) and make changes if I go with the easy mode first, or is it irreversable?

I pre-apologize for these noob questions. I’ll learn as I go along and do my part to research.

I think the main thing is that even if you go with easy mode now, you can export all the content and import it into an “advanced” installation.

Given that, I don’t see a downside to going with easy mode for now.

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Lens; that sounds like a plan.

Thanks for the feedback!