Noob - copy files to server with ssh


I am just getting started setting up my dream compute server. I have managed to get the following accomplished:

  1. Launch instance

  2. Connect via SSH

  3. Install Apache

  4. Add domain

  5. Add user (w/ SSH)

  6. Setup virtual hosting and user directory

  7. Move generic index.html to user home directory

  8. How do I copy something, like my index.html file to my server? I am using “scp”. This is what I used:

$ scp -i ~/.ssh/.pem index.html @:/home///index.html

  1. Is there a third-party software that can be used?
  2. What do you recommend to make building a website (presumably making lots of small changes often) “easy” when it comes to uploading files to my server?

p.s. The articles were very helpful. The only roadblock I hit was figuring out how to copy via ssh. Well really even first understanding that is what I needed to even use, i.e. something like ‘scp’. Then I kept getting “user permission denied” errors. So that got me to using the key-pair with it. anyways my point being there wasn’t enough info IMO on this and could have saved me a few hours. =) Did I miss this resource on here somewhere?

Thanks for the assistance!


Try using an SCP (SFTP) client with a graphical interface. There are free ones for Win, Mac and Linux.

The popular ones are WinSCP for Windoze and Cyberduck for Mac. On Linux you might like to try out Snowflake.

If you’re comfortable on the command-line, then rsync is very efficient and works over SSH. DH has a basic article on using it:

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