Noob chmod question

I know this is a bonehead question but I just can’t get it to work tonight.
I installed with the latest version of AroundMe
The index.htm file is nested inside a folder.
How do I chmod the files so the index.htm file is recognized when the I go to . (right now the index file is in Aroundme if you visit the site)
If I move the index file out of it’s current location none of the php works.
A gold star to the person who helps out first.

I’m afraid chmod won’t help you in this situation. chmod is used for changing the permissions of files and directories.

You can achieve what you want using a .htaccess file placed in the root of the web directory for your domain. Something like the following should do the trick.

[color=#0000CC]redirect 301 /index.htm[/color]

Another option would be to change the web directory specified for the domain in the panel. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains, click on the small [Edit] link under the Web Hosting column, then change the web directory to point at your sub-directory (folder).

Edit: I notice that you are using both upper and lowercase in your folder name, be sure to match the name precisely when creating the .htaccess file or specifying the web directory. Under Linux, Aroundme is considered a different name to aroundme


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Maybe my understanding is wrong. But I like to have an index file in every directory. If the folder is empty, I’ll show a blank page.

The purpose is to prevent people from viewing the list of files in the folder.

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You could also just add this to a .htaccess file in your domain web directory;

[color=#0000CC]Options -Indexes[/color]

However, the original poster’s request was concerned with redirecting visitors from the root of his site to the sub-directory where he has placed his Aroundme install.


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