Nonresponsive support; looking for new host

I’ve had two open tickets for three days. I’ve written a reminder, and sent in a fax. No response at all. None.

Anyone know a good hosting service, the kind that Dreamhost used to be?

Hello there,

I apologize for the delay in response and any frustration it may have caused. Our support team is working on the large increase of support requests as fast as possible. If you can supply a ticket# or domain name on the account I can look into the status right away. Thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated.

Matt C

Thank you for responding.

Ticket ## 6194305 and 6194547. The first one is more important, but the second is still relevant.

(FWIW, there’s also ticket # 6198061, which is a complaint that the first two were never addressed, plus a fax I sent in today with a screen shot of the open tickets.)