None of my domains are working


i signed up for hosting over 24 hours ago and moved all my domain names to dreamhosts name servers, yet none of my domains are working. i know technically the wait can be up to 72 hours, but i’ve never had to wait longer than about 10 hours when i’ve transfered dns before.

most domains i installed the one click wordpress instals, and checking via ftp the installs are there and the configure.php is correct, but still nothing loads. not even the free domain that came with my account. am i doing something wrong?

Did you clear your DNS cache on your local machine?

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In addition to Lensman’s excellent suggestion, you might also want to reboot any router you have in place in the conne3ction between your local machine and the internet; they can sometimes cache DNS also. :wink:


cleared cache, restarted machine…

the free domain is soemthing

That domain comes up just fine for me, and displays a directory index containing only a directory named “home”. “home” holds an uninstalled WordPress (presumably the one-click") waiting for you to run the install.php.

DO THAT NOW, or EDIT YOUR POST AND REMOVE the url above, as someone else could commandeer your WordPress install by running the publicly exposed install.php.


ok, so i’ve removed the domain, but still i’m getting nothing. anything else someone can suggest?

Well, as the domain resolves correctly for me, it is set up correctly and it has at least partially updated . DNS often comes and goes within the first 72 hours, lots of things affect who can see it when. Your ISP could be caching it, your computer could be caching it, your browser could be caching it, your router could be caching it, it may not be updated in the DNS you are using.

If you just want to see it, check the wiki - as there are a couple of ways to view it before DNS changes…if it were me, I’d just wait. It is obviously set up correctly , as I can already view it. :wink:


dammit, i’ve never been good with waiting…

thanks any rlparker

No problem…and I agree, sometimes waiting is hard! :wink:


In that case, map your domain name to the IP address of your server in your local hosts file on your home computer. That will enable you to start setting up your site while DNS propagates. If you need help in doing that or have trouble finding the instructions, reply here and we’ll help.

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