None Dedicated Server since Last Year



I have been waiting since last year for Dedicated Servers to be available

When are they going to be?

It’s been so much time, and I really need it


Rumor has it that they will resume sale of dedicated in August. :frowning:
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They do have a partnership with if you cannot wait :slight_smile: .

See the link.



They do, but the prices are not nearly as tempting as the original DreamHost dedicated hosting. :frowning:


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[Conspiracy theory]

Is this a sign of things to come, maybe a buyout of Dreamhost by :stuck_out_tongue:

[/Conspiracy theory]

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I Don’t Know if is working
I already wrote to they, twice (since 2 weeks ago, I sent they the fisrt email)

In the second, I order a Virtual package, and I only recieved an email, telling me that soon they will contact me, (This since Apr-29)

And They have not answer me

I think is too much, for a sale request