Non-Profits Happy With DH?

Hello all!

Just wondering if there are any proud non-profits using dreamhost, and if you could provide links to your sites!!

It’d be greatly appreciated as my organization is thinking about making the switch and would love to see some examples of current sites hosted by Dreamhost!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Although I’m not involved in the organization myself (I live 2000 miles away from it), I actually developed a small website for a nonprofit. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I provided a link:

I know it doesn’t look stuffy and formal like one would probably expect. But they were happy with it and were happy with the webhost too. (The site uses WordPress.)

Actually, I developed the site before my old webhost went defunct. The good experience with DreamHost is why I picked it.

They seem to think of themselves as a commercial entity, given that they used a .com address instead of .org.

Yes, they registered the domain, not me. But they did get nonprofit hosting.

given that there are absolutely no restrictions on who can register .com / .org, and the fact that .com is the default extension that comes to mind for most web surfers, I don’t think that choosing .com over .org has any bearing on an organisation’s (non)profit status. i’d even bet that many people don’t even realise that .com means commercial.

And for the OP, what’s the point of asking for links to existing websites? DH didn’t have anything to do with how the site looks or what software its running. Or are you comparing load times with nonprofits on other hosts?

As I said, they registered the domain. I actually had to walk them through it as I wanted the domain in their name (and some degree of self-sufficiency so they don’t need me to help every time they want to do something). They chose .com. I didn’t think to suggest .org though.

As I say here, “All the dumb-asses of the world seem to think that all websites should have .com addresses, whether they logically belong there or not.” I give more history behind this here.

I’m glad someone is an authority on how all information should be organised. Just out of curiosity, isn’t just info about dan, is it?

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