I was just wondering about how long it took to get the Non-Profit accounts set up, we applied last Wednesday and were trying to figure out how long we would have to wait to get started with DreamHost(which we’re quite excited about!)


It is my guess that this process differs case by case. I’ll suggest you to contact DH support via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support


I have separate DreamHost accounts for my NFP and personal sites. The NFP account definitely took longer to set up – from what I recall, just over a week. I’m not sure if the holdup was on our end or theirs, but the process is done manually and via fax so it’s just going to take a few days.

Either way, it was worth the wait. Contact their support email to check on your account status. They’re friendly.


I sent a support email on the 3rd and still haven’t heard back yet… It’s not that I’m getting impatient, it’s moreso that my boss is ready to kick our old host and get our new website up :slight_smile:


Redeem, what is the advantage of NFP account? Could you send me a link?
We are in Prison Ministry



Non-profits get free hosting: