Hey I’m a current dreamhost user. I manage my churches websites. I just recently found out that if I fax our 501©(3) determination letter to dreamhost then we can have free hosting? Does this apply to VPS as well? The reason I ask is we are looking to get a VPS and this would be amazing if its free.

Yes, basic hosting for 501c3 charitable organizations is free! This doesn’t extend to DreamHost PS, though – sorry.

are you sure? check this out:

(sorry if the link is not allowed)

Yes I’m sure – I work here. :slight_smile:

You can still get DreamHost PS for a non-profit account. It just won’t be free. Same goes for all other services beyond basic hosting: extra domain registrations, unique IPs, SSL certificates, phone support… basically, we’ll pay the costs of basic hosting, but you’re on your own for anything extra.