Non-Profit Museum Site - PHP

Non-Profit Museum Site - PHP Issues!

Dear Dreamhosters,
I am not experienced with PHP and I’m begging for your help and patience to get a Museum’s site online and running.

Archived Site -
Newly Hosted Site -

The original site was archived by Collections Canada and because of this, the site itself had stopped working in many ways. I have since got all (at least I thought all) of the files of the site and was going to host it myself.

I ran into two problems.

First problem I ran into seems to be a PHP issue. If you notice on the archived site, when you click ‘themes’ or ‘Gallery/Search’ (aside from the .mov’s missing) the pages load. On my newly hosted site, this doesn’t work. I transferred all the files from their working site to my host. What did I do wrong?

Second Problem. Unfortunately, it’s seems to be another PHP problem. Under ‘Gallery/Search’. The Search feature and the drop down list don’t work at all. AND! to make matters worse, when one clicks on the themes on the ‘Gallery/Search’ page it just opens all the coding in a new window. pulls hair out

I’m just trying to get this non-profit museum’s site up and going and I keep running into trouble. I have contacted the designer of the original site, and he has gone on to bigger and better things. (he also doesn’t have any of the original files) so I can’t get anywhere with that route.

I honestly at a loss. I would and the Museum would truly appreciate any help or assistance in getting this baby up and running again.

Thank you all for reading this at least!
I hope everyone has a good week and weekend!
Warmest regards,

I don’t think your copy of the site was made correctly.

Your HTML source has URLs like so:

Here is what problably happened. When they archived the site, they probably scraped the original site - that is you have no PHP code to go by, all you have is HTML documents with weird filenames as a result of the scraping.

Apache doesn’t treat these weird filenames as anything special and isn’t telling the browser that they are HTML files as a result.

Maybe using an .htaccess file with the following directive will help:DefaultType text/htmlbut you still got a problem of having only a “snapshot” of a PHP-driven site instead of the PHP driven site itself. You can also change the filenames to have appropiate extensions (ie, something like images_period_early.html) and then search and replace the references…

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Hey Atropos7,
Thanks so much for the advice.
I’m going to work on it this morning. I appreciate all your help and patience.