Non-profit discounts?


I’ve been asked to support my cubscouts website, and transfer it from Geocities. Does DH provide a discount to registered non-profits? If so, what plan do we get?


It’s free if you qualify:



The official pages on non-profit hosting are:

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Ask your Scout leader to send in the non-profit documents.

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If you can’t get nonprofit status, there was a while back ( ) a promotion where the first 1000 ex-GeoCities customers that transferred to DreamHost would get two years free hosting. Don’t know if it’s still good or not though…

The problem with the non-profit requirements for free hosting with DreamHost is that Scouting units (troops, packs, crews, etc) themselves aren’t legal entities, but fall under the tax status of their chartering organization. I’ve been thinking about moving my troop’s website from GoDaddy to here because I’ve heard that ffmpeg is supported (I run Joomla and use hwdVideoShare to display and stream event videos) and the non-profit deal sounded like icing on the cake. But unless I somehow wrangle a copy of our chartering organization’s 501c3 (we’re chartered to a church, so they have it, I’m sure, but they’d probably be wondering why I’m asking them for it), I’m just out of luck and have to continue to pay out-of-pocket (which I’ve been doing for 10 years, but I digress).

So I have a question for DreamHost: since Scouting units themselves aren’t non-profits (and can’t legally be) but are usually chartered to organizations that are, is there any way that we can give alternate proof of our status for purposes of qualifying for the non-profit hosting deal (such as a copy of the unit’s charter, which is renewed every year with the National Council BSA [which does hold a 501c3])?

P.S. - See this document for how Scouting units and their tax-exempt status works:

Try their contact form for this, as they don’t always read the forums:

I’d love to find out their response.


Without producing the requisite 501©(3) determination letter, you will not be able to receive the non-profit discount.

This may seem arbitrary, but any discount program such as this has to have qualifiers and terms or it risks the granting of the benefit being perceived as subjective, and that in turns brings the risk of people becoming frustrated and alleging “you did it for them but you didn’t do it for me”. The next thing you known discrimination is being alleged, and so on.

These kinds of scenarios come up from time to time, and we have tried to be clear about that in our wiki, when we say:

"A 501©(3) determination letter is the only documentation that we will accept. If you are a non-profit organization and do not have a determination letter, regardless of the reason, you will be denied free hosting. "

This mean exactly what it says. The 501©(3) determination letter is what we have decided to be the qualification to have the free hosting. Without that, we decline to make “one-off” exceptions and grant certain groups the privilege anyway.

Just ask the church for their letter. I see no reason to be concerned about telling them why you are asking for it.

–DreamHost Tech Support