Non-Owner MySQL Connection

I’m trying to acces a MySQL database that was set up by the site owner, but it throws a “ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ~@* (using password: YES)” every time I try to access it.

The account I’m using is not the site owner’s account, but it has full control of the subdomain where the MySQL database is set up:

DOMAIN // don’t have access
forums.DOMAIN // this one I have access to
mysql_db.forums.DOMAIN // the database I can’t access, though I control the subdomain

I know I’m using the correct parameters for the username, password, database, name of database, etc.

This is not a third-part program issue (as per because it’s on the same server.

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

You have to use the user/pass associated with the database. This isn’t the same as your FTP or shell account. That’s what it’s saying - that the user or pass is wrong. If you’re sure you’ve got the right user/pass combo you’ll friend who owns the dreamhost account will have to check ther user/pass for you and or make a new user so you can connect.

Hoever, your forum use that same user/pass to conect to the database, so enless it’s throwing an error you’ve just go the wrong info.