Non-Junk Mail Not Getting to Inbox

Is anyone else having this problem? About 3 times this week I have selected a message as “move to inbox and add sender to whitelist” from my junk mail folder. The users email address has ended up on my whitelist but their messages never made it into the inbox. They are GONE! UGH! This hasn’t happened to all messages, but I lost atleast three messages this way. It’s very frustrating!

Yep I’ve lost (completely gone, not in deleted items, inbox, nowhere) several mails doing this.

I’m also having this problem.

i have noticed that happening to me as well… not that often though.

I originally thought that this was just a browser refresh issue when using squirrel mail. But I have had customers complaining about this. I have told them Just refresh your browser. but, if this is really happening it is frightening!!!

I just put in a ticket since some of my clients are complaining about delayed e-mails (arriving a day or two late to them) or never receiving certain e-mails at all. This is unacceptable!

Are there users out there that have good, realiable success with changing the MX to google (GAYD) ? I am really thinking this may be the only way. Can I setup mulitple domains under one google account ? (Similar to how we have mulitple domains here at DH.) If that is a reliable way to go I am ready to switch all of my mail MX to point to google if that will make this go away!!!