Non-functional domain


Confusion here. I signed up for an account on September 24th as part of the anniversary promotional that was offered. As of the 30th, there’s no response from my domain,, or from I’ll admit that I haven’t yet dug too deeply into the docs, but I think I’m at a standstill that would make that pointless.

In the web panel, on the left hand side, under “Account Information,” it says:

This account is currently pending approval.

If you’ve already made payment your account should be
activated within one business day.

Additionally, on the “Manage Domains” section, it says:

You have no plans on this account that allow hosting a domain.

Is this normal? Should I continue to wait? Should I contact someone?

FYI, I have switched over my nameservers and the change is reflected in the whois information.

Thanks in advance.


Hmm. 6 days does seem a tad long. I’m worried that your account might have been flagged by some sort of fraud detection.

What form of payment did you use? Has that been charged? Did you put the correct address information that corresponded to the billing address on the credit card?

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I used a credit card through Google Checkout to open the account. I received a receipt from both Dreamhost and from Google Checkout. The address maintained by Google Checkout is correct and I think the correct address was used to sign up. I’m baffled.


Therein might lie the problem. There have been reports on these forums of accounts not passing fraud detection due to erroneous addresses being supplied at sign-up time.

I’d write support.