"Non-Editable" NS records in zone

Just recently I’ve added 3 A records to my zone that point back to the DreamHost NS IPs, effectively aliasing the DreamHost NS servers, the idea being so that when someone does a WHOIS lookup on my domain they see ns1.mydomain.com instead of ns1.dreamhost.com

I’ve updated my registrar with the new hostnames and confirmed my domain resolves however there are still 3 “NS” records in my zone that refer to the hostnames ns1.dreamhost.com, etc. I would like to change these however the DreamHost control panel tells me they’re “Non-Editable”.

I’ve had to update zone information a number of times in the past and have always been able to edit the “NS” records if required. Any idea how I would go about changing them? As I said, all I’ve done is alised the DreamHost name server hostnames, so the NS IPs (e.g. are still the same, only the hostnames are different.