Non-DreamHost subdomain pointing to my VPS



I have a website and domain name currently hosted and registered on GoDaddy ( For now, I’m happy to keep them there. I just signed up for a DreamHost VPS account, and am struggling a bit.

For now, I want to define a sub-domain ( that points to a new directory on my DreamHost VPS.

I’ve already been on GoDaddy, and added a Host record for “maps” that points to the IP address for my DreamHost server (or at least the IP address that I use to log in for SSH). How do I create a directory on the VPS that will service the requests for when they arrive? (Right now the only directory on the VPS is for a different domain which is registered with DreamHost).

When I try to “add a domain” it seems to want me to register it with DreamHost, or at least use the DreamHost nameservers, neither of which I want to do right now. I’ve scoured the wiki and googled my issue, and can’t seem to find any documentation for how to do this.


Add the primary domain to your account through the DreamHost Panel as a DNS-only domain, then add the subdomain (as fully hosted).

You don’t need to have the domain registered with us, or pointed to our nameservers. We recommend that you have the domain pointed to our nameservers, particularly for domains on shared hosting, but it’s not a requirement. (Having DNS elsewhere just means you’ll have a little work to do if your server’s IP changes.)


Great! Thank you. It makes sense, though reading the standard prompts made it non-intuitive. Still, it worked like a charm.