Non-DH registered domain: use DH web but not mail?

My domain is registered elsewhere. Can I use my own mail server (currently in use) with DH’s Crazy Domain Insane web hosting?

I first thought I could set the A record ‘www’ to point to DH, but the Crazy Domain Insane plan is a virtual host so does not have a static IP.

Is what I want to do impossible without transfering the domain to DH?


You have to set your DNS records with your registrar to Dreamhost (ns1, ns2, ns3), then configure the MX records @ dreamhost to point to your mail server. I currently have the same configuration.

Thanks Aleks!

I have to ask DH special to add the MX records for me, because my plan is CSI, right?

Should the following steps prevent interrupted service?

  1. Have DH change my MX records
  2. Change my DNS to DH’s ns1, ns2, etc.

I would contact DH before hand. I’m not exactly sure what their procedures are, but logically, that’s what you should do.