.nom.co domain I registered thru DH got suspended(?) and now everything is down

I registered http://silver.nom.co/ (expires 2014-01-17) and set up a wordpress for it, and everything was fine for about a year, now everything is gone.

[quote]This Domain is NOT Suspended Anymore
This domain has all already been restored and not Suspended anymore. If you are the registrant of the domain please update your nameservers so it resolves to your site.

Notice: Undefined index: Domain Status in /home/copremium/public_html/incl/whois.php on line 6 Notice: Undefined index: Domain Status in /home/copremium/public_html/incl/whois.php on line 19

…no idea what happened. I tried to do a restore and it failed to restore. Any ideas on where to start trouble shooting?

Just log in to your registrar’s panel and set the nameservers:

ns1.dreamhost.com ns2.dreamhost.com ns3.dreamhost.com

…my registrar IS dreamhost… nameservers are ALREADY preset to those addresses.

Any other ideas?

[quote=“dogboy, post:3, topic:59147”]…my registrar IS dreamhost… nameservers are ALREADY preset to those addresses.

Any other ideas?

Just the original I’m afraid.

This is how that domain is set curently:

[quote]Domain Name: SILVER.NOM.CO
Name Server: NS2.PARKCO1.NEUSTAR.BIZ[/quote]

http://www.whoishostingthis.com/silver.nom.co says you’re not hosted here. o.O

WhoIS has this:

Name Server:                                 NS2.PARKCO1.NEUSTAR.BIZ
Created by Registrar:                        PDR LTD. D/B/A PUBLICDOMAINREGISTRY.COM
Last Updated by Registrar:                   BATCHCSR
Domain Registration Date:                    Wed Jan 18 23:41:01 GMT 2012
Domain Expiration Date:                      Thu Jan 17 23:59:59 GMT 2013
Domain Last Updated Date:                    Wed Jan 23 17:03:29 GMT 2013

You’ll need to open up a ticket so we can get a look into that. it seems that the domain expired, but billing would be able to say if that’s the case.

Beecha :smiley:

FWIW, the nameservers are right in the panel, which I bet is where he looked :slight_smile:

Wow that’s weird as. Hijacked DNS? Did it revert somehow to the old registrar?

Given the expired date… I wonder if the renewal didn’t go through. But my neighbors in billing (hi guys! they’re in the next row over) would be better suited to answer.

ok, inside the DH panel is says it’s good for another year, but I’m concerned I got no mail, telling me this…

Ok, so I guess I need to submit a billing report? oh boy…

I just emailed you an explanation. :slight_smile: I apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience, auto-renewal can be a tricky little beast sometimes. Please reply to the email directly if you have any follow-up questions/concerns. Thanks so much for your patience!

ok, they seem to have fixed it and billed me for it, but I have no idea what happened, and if that will happen to other domains… lets hope not. That just screwed me up.

You won’t see any issues in the future, since all the rest of your domains are regular ones (e.g. .com, .net, .org). You also shouldn’t have issues for the .nom.co one anymore either. This was an issue between us and our current registration partner for .co domains, which should no longer be a problem in the very near future.