NOIP.COM Subdomain

Is it possible to configure a sub domain to re-direct to a personal dynamic or static IP address ?

I’ve got a DSL Connection that is on all the time, so the IP Address is psudo static (I.E. it doesn’t really change all that often)

So what I’d like to do is have a way to redirect a subdomain ( to go to my home’s IP address vs this Web Host.

I’m also wanting (if possible) only a few ports to actually go to the IP address. (If this can’t be done I’ll survive)


  1. Is this possible ?
  2. How if so?

You can manually add an A record to your domain’s DNS that points at your home IP address. It’s not automated, so when you IP address changes, you’ll have to update that DNS entry.

DNS doesn’t handle port mapping, it’s IP address only.