Nodejs serves up OLD app.js

I am running passenger and nodejs on a fully hosted subdomain at DH. When I update the app.js file in my user/application directory, the DH nodejs server continues to serve up the previous version of app.js. I have confirmed through FileZilla and PuTTY that the new app.js file is in place right where it should be.

I have twice submitted support tickets on this issue, only to have the correct app.js start being served up while I awaited a response.

I know that nodejs has a cache. Is it possible that the DH nodejs cache is not immediately being cleaned up when I submit changes to my app.js? Do I need to do something programmatically to ensure the correct version of app.js gets served up?

if I remember correctly, Node.js needs to be restarted after making changes to apps. Does Passenger allow you to restart the app after updating it?

It does! From the root of your application (in the terminal):

mkdir tmp
touch tmp/restart.txt

From now on every time you touch/update restart.txt, passenger will know to reload the app.

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