Node w Passenger stops working on shared server ¿daily?

I’m having the same issue as was described in the post linked above, that was later closed automatically. I’m using nodejs with Passenger after having followed the custom nvm installation instructions and the passenger w node instructions. (I don’t have >2 links privilege so I can’t post those links here)

When I touch tmp/restart.txt my webserver appears to work again properly, but then after about a day it stops accepting requests (ex. via jquery ajax) and I see the Cannot execute /usr/bin/node error.

@scott96 in case you have any new info I’d greatly appreciate your help!

This is an odd message to receive if you’re directing Passenger to use a custom node in .htaccess

I’m inclined to think this is an issue with Passenger.

It might be a crontab involving Passenger throwing a spanner in the works.

Set up a local script, or use Vivaldi with Periodic Reload set on a TAB, to hit an endpoint every 10 minutes for a couple of days to ascertain if it’s intermittent or an actual 24hr problem.

Thanks, for the suggestion! I’ll definitely test out a regular endpoint ping like you described.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s actually a 24hr problem server-down anymore, but perhaps something related to caching in the browser. From what I’ve observed, it seems that instead of requesting content from the server each time, often the cached page will load and the subsequent requests for content are skipped. If this is the case, I’ll need to research how to force requests to be done despite browser caching.

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