Node seems to randomly stop working on shared server

I am running an express nodejs app on my shared server. For months, the app was running just fine. However recently, the app has started unexpectedly quitting. The only error message that is logged is “*** ERROR ***: Cannot execute /usr/bin/node: No such file or directory (2)” both on my end and in the passenger master log. None of my other error logging seems to be picking up what’s going on. I thought it may be a mysql connection issue at first, but I’ve tested and I’m managing all errors from this db connection.

What’s even more odd is this error message seems to suggest that node is not accessible, however when I check it is still installed and running just fine on the server from the command line. It’s also correctly linked in my .htaccess file. I’ve tried installing a different node verson to no avail. Restarting the app works for a few hours and then the app dies again and I’m in the same place! I’ve tried checking dreamhost help/reaching out to support/reading through stackoverflow but haven’t yet come across a fix, so thought i might ask here. Is this an issue with the server? Does anyone here have any ideas or has seen this before? Thank you for your help!!

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