Node Runner, other network monitoring software?

I installed Node Runner on my server. It seems to be working (no errors) but I’m not really sure if it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I tried monitoring one system and then shut it down, and I never received a notification that the server was down.

Node Runner:

Does anyone use Node Runner on Dreamhost? Or do you know of other free network monitoring software that I could use on my Dreamhost shared account?

BTW, I am trying to monitor work-related servers that are outside of Dreamhost’s network.


Thank you.

I actually got Node Runner working this afternoon. The application works fine now, but it took some doing. For the record, I had to manually edit the data in the mysql database it maintains in order to get it to work with hostnames rather than IP addresses. (This was Node Runner version 0.6x, so that might explain some of the clunkyness.)

Other than that, setting up the crontab took a little extra doing … but that was my fault.

Openacs looks like a good service! I think I can use that for some monitoring as well – like monitoring the server that I’m running Node Runner on.