Node.js through passenger

I found that Passenger now supports node.js deployments (versions greater than 4.0.37) Node.js with Passenger tutorial

Could it be possible to officially support node.js when deployed with passenger on shared servers (with no compiling of node on the server – just precompiled libraries only)?

Interesting! We’ll look into it.

Hey! Please do!!!

Then I won’t have to quit Dreamhost :wink:

No but seriously, I went through several support tickets about this and received some very uninformed and seemingly lazy/rude replies. I know that you all probably have a lot on your plate, but it sure doesn’t seem to me like updating Passenger is as impossible as the support people made it sound like! Nor do I understand the inherent “security issues” they mentioned. I don’t see any “security issues” that mod_node would present that aren’t already presented by mod_ruby. But of course I don’t know the ins and outs of running a shared hosting company! So maybe there is something I’m missing?

I’d love to see node.js on the shared environment - Phusion has a whole article on node + Phusion.

It doesn’t seem it would be any different than Passenger+Python or Passenger+Ruby that currently exists, unless I’m missing part of the functionality of Node.