Node.js on Dreamhost

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I’m currently looking into learning a little node.js for testing / interest, but I’ve seen thread on forums around the net saying that running the node daemon is against the DH TOS. Is that the case?

If so is there a way around this issue?

Thanks in advance.


using persistent processes on shared hosting is definitely a no-no. you could get a vps though. its more expensive… but i do not believe it has such a restriction as you are paying for your own resources that are not shared.


Thanks the the reply. It’s not actually for a live project or site, just for testing really so hopefully it won’t be a problem. A VPS would be overkill for what i need.

Thanks again.


even if it is for your own testing purposes it would be against the TOS. you cannot do such things in a shared hosting environment. i would recommend you install something like wamp on your local machine instead. i have been working with it for some time to test various web related projects without uploading it somewhere it can be viewed by the public at large. there are other versions out there for linux and macs as well (lamp, mamp… google is your friend).


What about running node as a cgi interpreter?

[font=Courier]#!/usr/bin/env node
require(“sys”).puts(“Hello world!”);[/font]

I get a 500 error and the following entry in my error log:

[font=Courier]FATAL ERROR: v8::Debug::SetDebugMessageDispatchHandler V8 is no longer usable[/font]

Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be causing this? Has anybody gotten node to work on dreamhost shared servers for plain old CGI?



Instead of running Node.js on a shared server, it’s probably a better idea to use an existing hosting company like (unfortunately still in beta) or just choose from the list of available companies, Node.js hosting companies. is a good place to tinker with Node.js


Right now you can get a AWS server from Amazon for free for one year and do whatever you want on it, including run node.js servers till the wheels fall off.


…another alternative: run a small VirtualBox machine of Ubuntu Server and use that to run node.js

This provides a nice sand-boxed set up that you can launch when you need. With a little tweaking you can do some cool things with VirtualBox machines. …snap-shots are nice so you can make changes to your little mini-server without worrying about what you just broke…just restore your previous snap-shop and you are back up and running.


You can put it up on for free and then access it from dreamhost.