No yahoo gmail or hotmail from website form


I have a contact form it works great unless someone submits the form with a yahoo, hotmail, or gmail email address. The sender receives my autoresponder ok, the message shows up in my log (Drupal report), but the email is never sent to my email address. What gives?

Any other domains (even made up ones) I receive the email.

If Dreamhost is blocking mail from these domains, what is the workaround? I need to be able to receive these emails and respond to them.

Thank you,
Jim Summer


If your contact form is using sendmail to fire the email out “From” the email address supplied by the user, then that’s the problem. The form needs to send the email “From” an address and contain the user supplied email address as part of the body.



Thank you but that page says that change was rolled back, is that not true?

“Update Apr 5th, 12:20am PDT: This change is being rolled back due to major mail providers being blocked on our end due to the issue with the change. We will update this post again once the change is completely rolled back and services are working again. -Patrick”


and later in the day its says…


Ok thanks for clarifying, I read the updates top down. I’ll have to edit my form I guess…thanks for the info.
~ Jim


Correct. Look at it this way: Your site is not Yahoo Mail (or Hotmail, or GMail, or AOL, or Earthlink, or…), so your forms should never claim to be sending mail on their behalf.


FYI for the contact form in Drupal - I made a custom module to override the default sendmail parameters…
here is the fix
There is also a link to a zip file there so you can download the module, it’s only 2 files.

~ Jim
~ @seo_web_design