No Web Panel, just a page of code

Upon logging in to my web panel ( today, I got only a page of HTML code. I would send a note directly to the Support people but obviously I can’t access any of the features within the panel. I really need to get in there! Someone please help.

I’ve only recently switched to Dreamhost and there have already been a number of problems with the service (inaccessible web panel, database disappearing, etc.). Is this unusual or par for the course?

Are you able to try another browser at all?
Do you have Javascript turned on or off?
Are you using a Windows/Linux/Mac PC?
This may help someone work out what is wrong.

It is not usual for the DreamHost Control Panel to behave this way although sometimes you will hear it snigger!


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Thanks Norm. I’ve got it working now in two browsers.

My details:

I’m on OS X 10.4 on a PPC G4 1Ghz. Javascript is enabled in all browsers.

Safari: I get a page of HTML

Firefox: I was getting a redirect error until clearing the cache and my Dreamhost cookies. Now it works.

Explorer: Works fine (though I’d rather not rely on IE Mac since it was discontinued in 2001).

I’ll use Firefox for now and maybe Safari will sort out at some point in the future.


I’ve discovered another problem, however. I’ve tried to add a subdomain using Fierefox and I end with a blank page. I had to use IE for it to complete the process.

I just had exactly the same problem. I can get into the panel with Firefox no problem, but when I try to add a domain I just get a blank page. All cookies, cache etc. cleared. Works fine in IE. Weird.