No way to take sql backup?


Well this is really frustrating. I cannot Take SQL backup from PHPMYDMIN, because i think its quiet big.

I try to take SQL backup using SSH, but Dreamhost Kills my process as it takes awhile to Backup the Whole DB.

Now what should i do???

Someone got a script or something that would get me Backup SQL ??

Please help!!

Have you tried using “nice” with your ssh command line in order to try to avoid the DH prockiller?

nice -n 19 mysqldump --opt -u username -ppassword -h yourMySQLHostname dbname > output.sql


It did the work i think! THANKS SOOO MUCH!

You saved me alot of time.

No problem! I’m glad it worked for you. :slight_smile:


I’ll learn linux next term. Hope I will learn more commands :wink:

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