No user suggestions - Let's vote _together_

Got extra suggestion vote points? Not sure what to vote on? Help someone else!

Let’s get behind one, all together and see if it makes a difference: Vote FOR postgreSQL. Under new features, go to the bottom of the list. Click on the bilious GREEN “vote yay!” icon.*

Then, come back here and tell us you voted for it. Or, if you don’t like the idea, tell us why you didn’t vote for it. At least, please don’t vote against it.

If you still have extra votes and still want to help, vote also for the Postgres DB Support in default the default PHP’s.

Just yesterday I also asked support to fix default php5 so that it properly makes use of imagettftext(). Currently it’s broken, so you have to build your own php5 cgi. They told me to put it into the suggestion box. That’s done. It still hasn’t posted to the suggestion list, so maybe others could suggest the same. I like it when people can download my captcha solution have it work flawlessly on any Dreamhost site.

  • Note: I bring this up because in the original famfamfam icon set, the ‘thumb_up’ icon is pink, not vomit green. DH might be better served to make it a friendlier “go” green and make the ‘thumb_down’ icon “stop” red. I find I’m often more compelled by color rather than shape, and vomit green means ‘no’ to me - not ‘yes’. How many of us have, without realizing, simply clicked the attractive pink ‘thumb_down’ without realizing we were voting against what we really want? You can check this because your suggestion listing will tell you whether you voted for or against something, but if you aren’t careful, you could accidentally vote opposite of what you want. Here’s the entire famfamfam logo set to see what I mean:
    Look for the thumb_up and thumb_down icons.

I voted for the first one before, just added votes for 2nd. Now I feel manipulated. Please PM me asap to paypal me $5, or I’ll change votes to against.

More votes for sale, $1 each. :smiley:

I’m not voting for it because I’m happy with MySQL. Like GreenWeenie, I can be bought for the right price though. For every $2 I receive for a vote, I’ll give one dollar to myself to keep the other dollar company!

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Oh, y’all are being just baaaaad. That kind of mojo will come back to bite you, now. And Santa Clause will put coal in your stocking for selling votes. You don’t want to go to Congress when you die, do you? :wink:

GreenWeenie - this is a ‘new’ member - really an existing member who wishes to poke fun at me while continuing to be anonymous. Show yourself, ‘weenie.’ Who are you really?

Dreamhost has said before that they won’t be adding PostgreSQL, so I’m not sure why they even leave it up, or if voting even makes a difference.

The best way for the suggestions area to be effective is by each user reading through what’s there and voting for what they want, rather than what others want. Assuming votes even count for anything, that would have the best shot of pleasing the majority.

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Thanks for the feedback about DH and PostgreSQL. Where is the official DH point-of-view on this posted?

I too wonder why they don’t remove it if what you say is true.

[quote]Where is the official DH point-of-view on this posted?
Well, not so much an official “no” – but definitely a very weak 3 1/2 year old “maybe.” A year later, in that same thread, still not looking good.

For what it’s worth, I don’t even need PostgreSQL for anything, but I’ve had a vote in for it as long as I can remember.

Like I mentioned before, it seems like too many other hosts offer it for them to not offer it. I’m sure the number is tiny, but surely they’ve lost a few new customers over it.

My suggestion.

Basically, it doesn’t mean certain suggestions like PostgreSQL won’t every happen, but at the same time, I wouldn’t overestimate the power of the vote.

For example, there’s a suggestion to open a data center in Australia. I’m pretty sure that if we all voted for that, it still wouldn’t happen. :smiley:

That’s why I made a suggestion to clean up existing suggestions… and maybe read some of the incoming ones before putting them up for a vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

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