No ticket answer in 25 hours - Link to reset password for dashboard disappeared

I have VMs in Softlayer, D.O., Vultr and Limestone. The highest time to a response ticket in this hosts I have in years is 2 hours.

Yesterday, I needed to reset my password to enter in the dashboard. I copyed the new password and try to enter, without success. When I returned to try to reset again, the link disappeared and a persistent box tell me that password was reseted.

I open a ticket. After 12 hours, I contact the chat and the operator told that someone will take a look in this ticket soon. He tell me to open a new ticket to put a print screen and 7 hours after this new ticket, here I am.
It’s a shame.

Be careful if you think to put valuable servers here and to need this type of simple support…

Sorry for this issue. The team tries to respond within 24h and a request to restore access to the account should be high priority. [edit: saw the link to image – nudged colleagues.]