No testing server


I’m using Dreamweaver MX, PHP and MySQL. I’m trying to connect to my database but everytime I get following error message:

HTTP Error code 404, file not found. Here are some possible reasons for the problem:

  1. There is no testing server running on the server machine

If I connect to my database from a mysql gui (using the same hostname/password) I can connect and can see all my tables.

Any idea

Your local network probably doesn’t have access to acccess the MySQL server. You can change this under the MySQL panel where you can add networks/hostnames that can access your MySQL database.

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thanks - I fixed the problem. Was a problem with the site definition in dreamweaver.

thanks anyway


Just wondering exactly the problem was. Could you post an example of your DW settings? I have DreamWeaver MX and I can’t get mine to connect correctly. I get “An Unidentified Error Has Occurred”

Looks like it was a problem with DreamWeaver. Nevermind y’all :slight_smile:

i seem to be having the same issue. Can you elaborate on this a little. I wasnt able to reslove the issue as quickly as you.


DreamWeaver is a very different program today than it was in 2003. It’s unlikely that whatever was wrong for that user is affecting you now.