No telnet/ftp, db-driven pages down

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same problem:
all the database-driven pages/content on my site have suddenly all disappeared (in their place I just see an ugly ‘Internal server error’ message’). :frowning: The static HTML pages are all there. I can connect to my various databases, but I cannot telnet/ftp to the web server (tak). :frowning:

  • marsbar

I have the same problem, except I can FTP just fine. All my Database reliant pages are returning a 500 Internal Server Error. My DB is on the “Hefty” server.

Edit: Actually, my whole site returns a 500 error. Huh…

I hope your site is working ok again, Dowingba.
Not long after sending my first post, my entire site went down (error: connection refused). Fortunately, I did not have to wait too long before hearing from DH Support. Everything returned to normal after server tak was re-booted.

  • marsbar

I’ve seen achingly slow DB performance over the last few days on a few different DH sites (and no connection for a few hours yesterday).

Keep waiting for it to improve, anything going on there Will/Jeff/Happy Dreamhost DB Team?