No tech support for SolidComponents?

I’m using the SolidComponents forum script that’s available under the Goodies panel, and I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to retrieve the IP addresses of previous posters. I sent in the provided support form like three weeks ago and haven’t gotten any answer, and now that I think of it, this is the second support request I’ve made that’s been ignored.

Is SC no longer providing any sort of support for those scripts? If not, is Dreamhost providing it? And does anyone know how to recover IP addresses from the forum script?


Did you submit your support request through Dreamhost or SolidComponents? Either way, three weeks without a response is pretty bad.

I’ve only used the polling feature, so I can’t help with forums. I had some concerns about SC’s future with DH back in November. This is the response they gave:

[quote]We’ve got no plans to stop using SolidComponents or to convert them into a pay service. We actually just negotiated a new agreement with the folks that wrote it.

There is, I guess, some amount of risk in using them, because it’s not something the we or you have complete control over, but it really should be ok.

And, in the end, we have physical control of the server (I’m actually looking at it as I type this) and the data contained therein (although we didn’t write the code and have only vague notions about how it actually works).
That says to me that there should be continued support and if there’s a way to get the information you want, DH Support has access to the data. If it’s a very complex process, they may just not have figured it out yet.

I submitted the form through SolidComponents. Maybe I should try Dreamhost instead; I know they aren’t supposed to be responsible for SC support but at least they answer my questions.

Thanks for your help. I’ll try DH and see what they have to say.