No support?

I’ve had a ticket sitting with no response for over a month, and similarly no response from two subsequent requests for any kind of reply about the issue. I submitted the support requests through the web panel. Are others also seeing support requests be ignored? Is there a way to get a hold of DreamHost, besides support / the web panel?

No there is not, other than paying extra for callbacks.

What type of issue is it? I know they used to not respond to mail blocks, other than an initial message that told you thanks, but no additional updates would come.

Also have you checked support history in the panel, in case they did reply and you didn’t get the email.

It was about a mail block. Do you know why they don’t reply to those (even just to acknowledge and say they don’t reply)?

In my case, they’ve not replied but they’ve not dealt with the issue, either.


In the past they sent this:

Quoted from this thread.

Unfortunately they got many complaints about that email. (read the quoted thread, and others here.)

Now apparently they don’t even tell you that much.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dreamhost’s email sucks. Dreamhost has even admitted that before in this forum (although I can no longer find that post).

Your best bet is paid 3rd party email. I say paid because every free service on the planet is either too restrictive, too intrusive, or is used by spammers (thus earning it mail blocks just like dreamhosts). I moved my email outside dramhost 2 years ago, pay $4.00/month or $48.00/annually, and could not be happier.

I usually get a reply from Dreamhost support pretty fast. How did you contact support? I usually go to admin -> support -> contact support

Looks like the OP covered that question in the first post.

Thanks LakeRat.

If DreamHost can’t or doesn’t want to make their email support good, I’d rather they just don’t do it at all. At least then their customers wouldn’t find themselves getting burned by DreamHost’s poor service and poor communication. No service is better than a broken service (what they have now) because it doesn’t entice users to shoot themselves in the foot. I trusted part of my reputation and credibility to DreamHost, and DreamHost made me look bad. I had to get an answer from other users rather than from the service provider I paid, and that’s unprofessional, to say the least. I used to be a big fan of DreamHost. It’s a great value, or so I thought. After this, I obviously can’t recommend them to anybody. Anyway, I’m probably preaching to the choir here. At least I know to get [email] off DreamHost now.

in answer to your email query, I use this:

There is alot of power under the hood, take the free trial to discover it all.

Here is what I wrote in another thread: