No support for the last 8 days!


I’ve been having an issue with my website for quite a while now, and the last email I sent to the support team that actually got responded to was 8 DAYS AGO. The 24 hours support is definitely not true, I’d understand if it were a 2 day response, but 8 days is definitely pushing it.

I needed the email limit on my account upgraded to 500 emails/hour, as promised by the support team assuming I could meet all their specifications with my mailing list. I did so, by setting up a PHP mailing list, with IP tracking, subscription confirmation, and all sorts of other options, and even after ALL that, I got no response from the support team.

My account’s URL is – if some support representative could please just raise the email limit to 500 emails/hour, I’d greatly appreciate it. I have fixed all the errors the support reps previously stated, and the mailing list now meets the conditions as per DreamHost’s policies.



I’m sorry to hear that you are having his problem. Please note that I personally handled your support request of Dec 30th, and moved it to directly to the queue of the Abuse Team folks that have to handle requests for SMTP quota upgrades. This should have generated an “automated” message to you that I had done this.

This is a smaller team than our regular “first-line” support staff, and there can be a backup there, depending upon your issue (and there is a hoiday involved here).

Today I personally messaged that team about your circumstances, and I have been assured that they will respond to you shortly. Please let me know, via PM or message here, if you do not hear from them withing the next 24 hours, ok?

–DreamHost Tech Support


Thanks for the reply. I did get a reply from the Abuse Team, and I replied back within 10 minutes of receiving it; however, it’s been over 24 hours (nearly 2 days now) and I have not received a response from them. I understand that they may be backed up in other support tickets, but my problem has been ongoing for the past two weeks, and there has been a lack of any real result from all of this. I’ve explained everything to the Abuse Team and Support Team and everything is in order as per the requirements they sent me for my account to be upgraded to 500 emails/hour. If I could just get my account upgraded, I’d greatly appreciate it.



I have looked into this again for you. You are asking for an exception to our policies, and only our Abuse Team members can evaluate, and respond to your request.

This may, or may not happen within a day, or even two. Again, I have moved this directly to the appropriate queue for attention - with these kinds of things, that is all that can be done. Of course, if you insist on an immediate response without the review of the Abuse Team, I can give you that by simply denying your request, but I do not think that is how you would prefer that we address your issue.

I apologize for the delay you are experiencing, but ask you to recognize that you are asking for something out of the ordinary, and therefore your request is being handled outside of ordinary channels.

–DreamHost Tech Support