No Support Answers for over 12 hours

In the past Dreamhost has been relatively quick in answering support question. I have three tickets that have been unanswered for over 12 hours. Does anyone know what is doing on at Dreamhost? An autoresponder that worked yesterday no longer works and I’ve not made any changes. There also seems to be a problem with their webmail - mesages being delayed 3-4 hours or not getting through at all. I changed all of my critical email to point somewhere else because I haven’t been getting any answers or solutions from Dreamhost. Thanks in advance for your help.
All the best,
Ted Sudol


I even asked them about it, but they ignored it, haha.

They usually respond quickly, but they state a 24 hour response time to tickets. If it’s the same ticket 3 times, I’m the type of person who would take 3 times as long to respond to someone pestering me.

Considering the emergency hardware moves they’ve been doing this weekend, they might be pretty busy.